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1. Qualified investors.According to the law of the People's Republic of China on securities investment fund law "and" interim measures for the supervision and administration of private equity investment fund "and other relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, private equity investment fund investors should be equipped with the appropriate risk identification and risk bearing ability, only private equity investment in the company product amount not less than 1 million RMB yuan and the units and individuals up to the standards of the following:

(1) A unit with a net asset of not less than 10 million yuan;

(2) individuals whose financial assets are no less than 3 million yuan or whose average annual income in the recent three years is no less than 500,000 yuan.

The financial assets mentioned in the preceding paragraph include bank deposits, stocks, bonds, fund shares, asset management plans, bank financial products, trust plans, insurance products, futures rights and interests, etc.

Investors should carefully read the product legal documents, understand the risk and return characteristics of the product, and judge whether the product is suitable for their own risk tolerance according to their investment purpose, investment period, investment experience, assets and other conditions.

2. Participating in private investment funds is risky.The net value of private investment funds may fluctuate greatly, and may fall sharply in a short period of time, and cause investors to lose part or all of the investment amount.The Manager's past performance data are not indicative of its future performance and investors should not rely on the data provided on this website to make investment decisions at their own risk.

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Junchuang Fund

Focus On Value

Committed To Long-Term


About Us

Junchuang Fund

Junchuang Fund was founded in 2014, and the group is located in Beijing and Shenzhen. Its two subsidiaries are Shenzhen Qianhai Junchuang Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Junchuang Private Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., holding the equity investment manager's license and the securities investment manager's license. Junchuang Fund is a research-driven, value-focused fund management company with an international vision and long-term thinking. Company set up early in order to continue to create value as the core goal, we constructed the "Long Term, Sustainable and Replicable the Unique Values of Investment System", under the guide of the system thinking, investment, decision-making, operation, make the enterprise development fund performance, issues such as creation, value, the study found that both can achieve ideal state of long period, sustainable and replicable.

The Securities Investment founded in 2020, and the registration code of the administrator is P1070244. Drived by the long-term interests of investors and adhering to the concept of value growth investment and long-term investment, the company has established a leading expert research team in the industry, focusing on the field of equity investment, and providing high-quality investment and financial products and services for individual and institutional investors.

The Equity Investment founded in 2014, focused on producing harmony combination of professional investment institutions, with the rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the multi-level capital market, deep tillage civil-military integration, health care, media, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, RMB3.2 billion funds remaining management scale, has 26 issue fund, has offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

  • Value Investor

    Value Investor

    Practitioner of long-term, sustainable value growth investment philosophy
    Evaluating the long-term value of business with the mentality of industrial and equity investment
    Considering core competitiveness from a long-term perspective
    In-depth research, accurate pricing

  • Remarkable Performance

    Remarkable Performance

    Unique value system: long-term, sustainable and reproducible

    Equipping with equity + securities compound background

    The core management members of the fund have more than ten years of investment experience

    Past performance proves that under the guidance of the value system, it can continue to create long-term value for investors

  • Global Investment Vision

    Global Investment Vision

    Talents from domestic and overseas top schools 

    Global allocation of RMB + USD funds

    Comparison of global asset advantages

    Investment covers China A-shares, Hong Kong stocks and US stocks


Compound Background and Global Vision of the Team     |    More>

  • Shuai Liu
  • Feng Zhu
  • Weiling Shang
  • Jie Xiang
  • Yuhan Long
  • Qianhe Guo
  • Xingchun Yao
  • Xin Pei

Shuai Liu


Use to work in Morgan Stanley China Fortune, BNY Mellon Fund and Investment Banking Department of Industrial Bank. 

He has rich experience in equity investment, capital operation and corporate management. In 2014, Junchuang Fund was founded, focusing on equity investment. After several years of development, through industrial investment and industrial incubation, it has formed a multi-format layout integrating industry and capital diversification for in-depth and coordinated development, holding a number of companies.

Feng Zhu


Use to work in Morgan Stanley China Fortune, China Merchants Securities, Siemens and other top international enterprises. 

Have rich working experience in investment and financing of multinational companies, familiar with international and domestic financial markets, good at the operation and management of financial investment institutions and entities. Participated in leading Tianrun Digital Entertainment (002113) merger and acquisition project of Dianle, and jointly launched merger and acquisition fund with Tongjitang (600090), Jimin Pharmaceutical (603222) and other listed companies.

Weiling Shang

CEO, Chief Investment Officer

Master of Science in Finance, Smith Business School, Queen's University

Worked in Teng Ye Capital, CITIC Securities, Daiwa SMBC and other well-known organizations. 

Yr 2015 Annual Stock Strategy Beijing - 1st runner-up, Yr 2015 Top10 Annual Stock Strategy China

Focusing on securities-based investment management for 13 years, he has successively managed a number of funds and special account products, with accumulated assets under management exceeding 4 billion RMB, with excellent historical performance.

Jie Xiang

Equity Researcher

Economics Master, Fudan University
Bachelor of Information Management, Shandong University

13 years of working experience, with compound backgroud of equity investment and securities investment

Use to work in Langzhao Yuanming Investment, Wanyin Huafu Assets, HuaXia Xingfu, Zhejiang University, etc.

Yuhan Long

Equity Researcher

Master’s Degree in Finance, ESCP Europe Business School

Bachelor’s Degree in World Histories and Economies, Wuhan University

Focusing on investment opportunities in consumer internet and marketplace
Prior to joining JUNCHUANG Fund, use to work in CITICS Securities, YINHUA Fund, and DT Capital

Qianhe Guo

Equity Researcher

MS in Actuarial Science, Temple University 

BS in Math & Mathematical Economics, Kentucky University 

Focus on Technology and Healthcare industry in US equity market,Hong Kong market & mainland China equity market

Use to work in Hedge Fund & Private Equity(Towering Captal)

Xingchun Yao

Equity Researcher

Background of Agronomy and Economics 
Covering cycle industry, automobile industry, medical industry, etc.

More than 10 years of financial experience

Use to work in Agricultural Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Junchuang equity investment department

Xin Pei

Equity Researcher

MSc Risk and Finance from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Bachelor of Finance from Sichuan University

Engaged in asset management and quantitative trading with a cumulative management scale of 60 million USD

Working experience in US dollar fund, GF Fund, Huatai Securities Asset Management Co., ltd etc. specialized in data analysis, financial modeling and equity research

Chenglong Fang


Master degree, City University of Seattle       

Mainly responsible for transaction research

4 years of stock trading experience, previously worked in Beijing Guocheng Huijin Capital Management Co., Ltd., sensitive to the logic of industry sectors and trading market, familiar with all kinds of trading strategies in the market